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12-01-2005, 09:02 PM
This message popped up on my e mail. How the scammer got my e mail address is anyones guess.

I believe so called scams are being distributed around the net again........the majority of us will recognise them, but the gullible few will always call the number ( out of greed) or ( stupidity)

The guy is talking about transferring 18.5 million , can you believe that??

Has any other member received any thing similar??
The telephone number is a mobile number, therefore difficult to trace.

Originally West Africans at the forefront of these scams, these days posing as Southern Africans..........Zimbabweans couldnt amass 18 pence, let alone 18 million, now that they have inflicted there own human induced economic disaster upon themselves.

Here is an excerpt, again be warned...........

From:Mr. Malan Zikalala.

Dear Sir

I know this letter may come to you as surprise since
we do not know each other before. Out of many tears
and anguish of hearth I am written you. I am trusting
in you and believing in God that you will never let me
down when this money get to your country. I am Mr.
Malan Zikalala the first son of late Mr. Clement
Zikalala who was recently murdered in Zimbabwe land

Before the death of my father on 08-01-2004 he was a
prosperous tobacco and coffee farmer in Zimbabwe and
one of the major financier/sponsor to the opposition
party-movement for Democratic change in Zimbabwe.

Sir, the agents of the ruling Government of President
Robert Mugabe among with few black Zimbabwean rich
farmers murdered my father in a planned motor accident
for his alleged support and sympathy for the
Zimbabwean opposition party. My late father and some
of his associates were members of the movement for a
democratic change and this group is a strong
opposition to the Government of Mr. Robert Mugabe.

This group consisted of mainly whites with few black
rich farmers, however due their strong agitation for a
change in Government, Mr. Mugabe then resorted to
eliminating the members of this group by using all
measures and it happened that my father was a victim
of circumstance.

Mr. Mugabe first started with the introduction of a
land reform act, which had adverse effect on the
majority of the white farmers with few blacks.
Unfortunately my late father and some of his
associates were arrested and detained on one of their
meetings in our capital city (Harare).

After much pleadings and peaceful demonstration for
them to be released, Mr. Mugabe agreed but instead
killed some secretly my father died in Harare General
hospital as a result of planned motor accident.

So after the death of my father the agents of the
ruling Government started terrorizing me with my
younger brother Kenneth, but we Succeeded to work for
our escape to a near by country. Currently I live in
South Africa with my younger brother (Kenneth) and my
sister (Phumzile) were we seek for asylum, we live a
very low profile of life no one knows our real
identities here.

Sir before death of our father he called my attention
in the hospital and narrated to me how he deposited
the sum of US$18.5Million(Eighteen Million Five
Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) in one of the
private security company in South Africa, our late
father intended to use this money in purchasing of new
machines for the farms and establishment of new farms
in Botswana and Lesotho before his sudden death.

This money is deposited as precious metal to avoid
seizure and also to avoid much demurrage with the
security company, due to the financial policies of the
South African Government which restricts refugees from
operating bank accounts, access to work and study is
also prohibited hence my resolve to contact you. At
this juncture I decided to write you to seek for your
help, for this money to be transferred into your
private or company bank account.

From the above you will understand that our entire
life depends on this money. Note that by your offer to
assist us, we will discuss a suitable compensation for
you. However I wish to inform you that every process
will be taken in the legal direction, as we have done
the necessary homework concerning this matter before
coming in contact with you. I shall give you the
entire details, when I hear from you.

I look forward for your prompt response.


Mr. Malan Zikalala.

For the family.

12-01-2005, 09:34 PM
Go for it Ayb - the penalties for money laundering are reducing all the time and you should be out in - 5/10 years :D :D

12-01-2005, 09:57 PM

Thats the last time Ill be the good samaritan........
I guess with you tanked up, its hard to figure............

12-01-2005, 10:16 PM
Ahh - com'n Ayb :D

Quite sober acutally. been off work with a real heavy cold today. Back tommorrow.

We've had similar faxes from South Africa during the course of the last couple of years and they have even been reported in the Sunday Mail Financial section. They are not new - it just seems that the antics of Mugabe have lent a new twist to it. :)