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09-12-2004, 07:28 AM
now i'm engaging the development of air handling unit,which will work for fresh air and dehumidfying to keep the dew point for cool capillary tube panel opration. Is anybody have practice in this field can give me some clues for it?
thanks in advance.

09-12-2004, 08:11 PM
=lc_.. I realise that the translation from chinese to english is difficult :)
I think vice-versa even much more difficult Frank :p

10-12-2004, 01:41 AM
OK i'd like to rephrase here;

the AHU used for providing fresh air and dehumidifying the room and keep room dew point under control. At the same time applying cooling ceiling (capillary tube) for sensible heat load. the AHU is for all latent heat load and part of sensible heat load.

It's also called DOAS.
hope i make it clear.

10-12-2004, 01:02 PM
Just done a Google on DOAS...
try this link, (it told me what it means at least)

There is a design document (pdf) on the Trane site, link is:-

which should be of use to you Ic shi

10-12-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi Brian.
Thanks for the good links.

Many years ago I have built a AHU for some biological lab. One f the things they have demanded, is a positive pressure inside to avoid contamination. My solution was a DX coil in the fresh air inlet to cool and dry the incoming air after a ton of special biological filters.

Looks almost the same.

Chemi :)

16-12-2004, 06:08 AM
It's of some help for the links.
I finished the design and will be into manufacturing.

Anybody who have the experience the AHU with energy recovery ?