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28-10-2004, 09:12 AM
G'day everyone, i am considering going to the UK for a while and would like to know what qualifactions i need to work as a refrigeration mechanic over there? would i have to take any tests etc to aquire a gas licence for UK or would my current australian one be sufficient? any help or ex-pat aussies working over there with some tips would be greatly appreciated


28-10-2004, 07:37 PM
G'day Tim,

As far as qualifications go, just the gas handling certificate.
If you have been doing the job for a while then this is a piece of cake.

As for getting a job, This time of year things are a bit slack, i know of quite a few engineers looking for jobs but as we are now coming into winter not many companies are taking people on. Now if you can wait 6 months then the world (Or at least the UK) is your'e oyster. Most companies start screaming out for staff about April time.

Hope this helps



28-10-2004, 08:47 PM
welcome tim

here we don't have any legal regulations for a/c fridge work
thus bring all your doc's and you will probably get work -depending on your experience ;-)

head for london as that's where the work is..
you coiuld try http://fridgeman.com and go to 'work in the pipeline' section for jobs..

good luck...