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28-09-2004, 09:22 PM
Hi Guys,

What do i mean, perhaps this is lack of confidence in myself but a job from today.

Got called to Norwich to fit a PCB on a Foster Soloplus frozen coldroon unit. Another engineer had faulted it because the evap fan wasn't coming on and he had wired the fan straight to the main fuseholder so the fan stayed on permanently to get out of trouble for a couple of days.

I went in and changed the board, too my horror :eek: when i switched it back on all i got on the display was " - - - ".
Out come the wiring diagram from my van and i spent 2 hours going over all the wire two or three times tracing them and checking they were on the right terminal, They were.

loosing my patience, and needing some nicotine theropy i went outside and phoned Foster technical (Williams). Straight away they told me i had a faulty board and to put the old one back on and try. HEY PRESTO :D the unit fired straight up AND to cap it off the fan works OK.

It just goes to show, that even if a part is new it can be faulty.



28-09-2004, 10:48 PM
Went to change a fan motor in an AC unit the other week, same data plate on the motor bar one letter. Two different connectors from the original and no chance of getting it to fit.

Luckily the original motor had frame bolts so was able to separate it and fix the dry bearing 'cos there was no way of getting the new one in (and going back on your other post... it was after a 3 hour drive to get there !).

04-10-2004, 09:11 PM
when i switched it back on all i got on the display was " - - - ".

on Williams cabinets this usualy means you have power to the board, now press and hold the on/off button for 3 to 5 secs this should switch the display on.

i went outside and phoned Foster technical (Williams).

Williams would not usualy advise technical issues on Foster equipment. check your board it could still be a good one.

05-10-2004, 08:03 PM
Hi Guys,
Sorry, Miss posted earlier on.
1) It WAS Fosters direct i spoke to
2) Tried holding on/off button, board now gone back to fosters as definatly gonads'd



27-01-2005, 10:31 PM
arrrrr mon,d sounds to me just like a normal day on cc
one hour drive, lets take two. half hour job , lets take four
this includes fag breaks,telephone help,+ 4x coffees.....
tools in van slow drive home thinking how much o/t to book.
sometimes you DO need to trust yourself...

30-01-2005, 05:40 PM
My Dearest Grabber,

I have just logged in for the first time in four weeks and found youre post, For the record :-
I have NEVER had four cups of coffee on a job, i leave that to you supermarket guys that have staff canteens that you sit in when you are "running up on test" :eek: "O REALLY".

Cigerette breaks i admit too, Slow drive home, I don't think so i go like a bat out of hell and get home before it breaks down again.
PS Van in AGAIN in Cambridge tues morning (Usual Dealers)for MORE repairs if you are up this way pop in for a cuppa



11-02-2005, 08:45 PM
Everyone has a choice,dont they raymond ;)