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09-08-2004, 04:41 AM
Commissioning is a quality process for achieving, validating and documenting that the facility and its systems are planned, designed, installed, tested and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent. The process extends through all phases of a new or renovation project, from conceptualization to occupancy and operation, with checks at each stage of the process to ensure validation of their performance to meet the owner's design requirements. As the Craft Head in the mechanical department, of Internal Services Dept. one of my responsibilities was in construction plans review and inspection of installation of all HVACR equipment and I was a commissioning team member, responsible for the operation and maintenance staff training to effectively operate and maintain building systems, subsystems and equipment.
Specific commissioning responsibilities included defining O&M requirements in the design intent; defining training requirements; and conducting performance testing. As a member of the commissioning team we prepared the commissioning plan, implemented the commissioning process and prepared the final commissioning report. The commissioning team consisted of all the construction craft heads. The final commissioning report is the primary record document for commissioning each building system or the total building. (Mostly courthouses & jail facilities) The report would include the final commissioning plan, the completed design intent document, the completed basis of design document, the design, contract documents and performance validation reports, and final commissioning finding and recommendations. :)

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Go here and look around to see how big this operation is, Oh, by the way I aveno idea what NEBB is. Why do presume to think that I would "lift" somethig...maybe thats what you would do?
http://phps2.dhs.co.la.ca.us/dhr/public/cs/csdetail.cfm?item=7765 :confused:

class specs: http://phps2.dhs.co.la.ca.us/dhr/public/cs/index.cfm

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In this case I ment it to mean "believe,
conclude, conjecture, consider, deduce, fancy, find, hypothesize, imagine, infer, theorize, or think". Take your pik. :D I jumped in on commissioning because there was some lack of interest and I believe it to be extremely important and a good topic of discussion, however when I try to get something going I usually get the silent treatment, I sometime feel like the Lone Ranger but I will keep on saying what I have to say, even if it means talking to you!...Just kidding...The devil made me say that :D

10-08-2004, 06:57 AM
Hi,totally agree with shogun.I work for a company in Rome and we have a contract with Hiross,a manufacturer of industrial air con and water chillers.Up to a year ago we (authorised companies)were the only ones allowed to do the commissioning but now any installer can do it provided a certificate of start up is filled.Well,needless to say we get loads of calls and what we find sometimes is just hilarious!!!it ranges from wrong pipes,condensing units installed upside down (!)plc programming totally wrong!
Only skilled and trained staff should do the start up and commissioning first of all to avoid any damage to the units but even to prevent the end customer thinking that what they bought is rubbish!

10-08-2004, 08:03 PM
How times have changed - Marc and Shogun conversing without Daggers Drawn ! :D :D

No offense lads :D

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Frank : is the Sheriff of Nottingham a reaonable man these days? :)

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Frank : is the Sheriff of Nottingham a reaonable man these days?

Believe it or not but the last Sherif had dark skin!! :D

Here's a link to the current Sherif http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/representatives/sherif.asp

or a link to other interesting parts of Nottingham http://www.fact-index.com/s/sh/sheriff_of_nottingham.html