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06-07-2009, 12:12 PM
Thought i would go and admire my little business listed amoungst the local pirates on the REFCOM site only to find i wasnt listed!?!?!?!

Rang them up and apparently they were very busy ad hadnt got round to approveing everyone but it would be done in the next few days?!:(

I asked what i was ment to do in the mean time as i guess i couldnt leagly work and also what sort of compensation would be avaliable?

Then they asked compensation for what....

I said that as i had paid my fee and also added to my quotes that my business was refcom registered and also explained what this ment and how non registered business were opperateing ileagly and gave details of the site and how to check i was registered. But now because of there delays i could have had potential customers try to check me out only to find im not listed thus costing me work....

It was me with a "oh we hadnt really thought about that, let me look into it"

5 Mins later i got the confirmation Email and also i can now be found on the REFCOM site:p

15-07-2009, 01:29 PM
Refcom,,, Quidos ????

So we now have a central register for fgas?? NOT NOW!

But which register do we check, the refcom one? The Quidos one or one of the other ones that could be running??

For me now trying to find a registered company has been made even harder by the fact there is more than one register

Someone needs a good kick up the a*se!!!!!