View Full Version : Don't Shoot the Messenger

23-05-2001, 11:34 PM
Had a call today to an A/C unit that wasn't cooling. Talk to the guy about his unit, hear about the previous visit (from our firm) and the tech who fitted a new condenser fan.

Couldn't quite tie up new fan with no cooling but the visit was young. :(

Anyway, started with the condensing unit which wasn't doing anything except showing some silly voltages at some of the terminals especially the one serving the fan. The the compressor starts up but not the fan :confused:

Back to the evaporator and controls - find the controller is not always switching the condenser fan on when it should do. Remove an autochangeover module and revert to manual changeover (from heat to cool) and the units seems to work fine again.

Now we get the interrogation about was the fan motor really faulty or was it the controls? How do answer that without upsetting at least one person?

24-05-2001, 03:17 PM
This has all of the makings of a moral dillema. Does one cover for his fellow service tech and for his employer?

Was the motor really faulty? We don't know. It is entirely possible that the faulty motor burnt out the control.

That's the story I would tell.