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Darren wright
30-05-2004, 12:09 PM
Hi all, My name is Darren & i live in Liverpool, 35yrs of age.
Iam looking for a place to do some work experiance in Refrigeration/air conditioning service/repairing for no pay within 40 mile of where i live.
I work as a mainframe analyst working 12hr shifts 4 days on 4 days off & iam willing to work on my restdays for nowt. i have emailed & called companies within 40 miles & they either dont reply or say that someone will get back to me.
I will be booking my course with H.A.L Training services in Doncaster to do the following:
Refrigeration Recovery & Repair(Commercial, Industrial, Domestic &
C.I.T.B Pipework & Brazing(Commercial)
C.I.T.B Safe handling of refrigerants
City & Guilds 2078 Handling refrigerants(units 001 & 002)
H.A.L Training Services Certification of Competence
C.I.T.B Green Card for above C.I.T.B courses passed

if anyone knows anywhere who would help let me know plz
Email: wrightman50@hotmail.com

30-05-2004, 12:18 PM
Hi Mate

You are having the same trouble I had About 5 years ago.Just be careful no one abuses your generous offer and uses you on installations to hump kit everywhere.You need to double up with a good service engineer.

I suppose an employer might say whats in it for them?


Bernard (Its worth it when you get there) ;)

30-05-2004, 01:23 PM

I admire your persistence an I hope it all works out for you.
You are getting the study done, but you may have a problem with getting the experience and this is where the existing system is stacked against you.

I don't intend to pour cold water, but inject some realism into your thinking and please consider it from a prospective employer's point of view:

1 To work on one of his sites or with his employees you will need to be insured both for his liability to you and for public safety. This is EXPENSIVE! .... as many small companies or sole traders will tell you.

2 The taxman may wonder why he is paying you nothing and hence you are not paying National insurance contributions. At the least it may invite unwelcome scrutiny of him from the Inland Revenue.

3 You are already working the statutory maximum hours in your Job No; 1 ..... there's a very grey area here if you are employed in Job No: 2, paid or not, especially if you are driving. Since that rail accident a couple of years ago the police are very vigilant on so-called 'fatigued driving' offences.

I think that you need to bite the bullet, get your training under your belt, and then try to work as a mate or part of an installation pair to get the experience as your main job. You can work up from there.

Good luck and stay with it, but don't expect too much from offereing your services free.
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01-11-2010, 05:07 PM
hi this message is for Darren
how did you get on ??
im Dean and i am now in the same position as yourself i am looking to go into the refrigeration industry after leaving vauxhall motors all so looking to do the same course you did (how was it) did you get what you wanted in the end?
thank Dean