View Full Version : Need New Tech?

03-04-2009, 01:54 AM
I just returned from vacation to find that my 7 yr old American Standard (3 ton) heat pump wasn't cooling properly. I checked the outside unit and the fan was not running. on further inspection I found after letting it set for a couple of minutes and then restarting the fan would run and the unit was in fact blowing cool air but only for approx 10 minutes then the fan would stop again. I called my technician, he determined that that the fan motor was bad. Since at the last annual inspection the tech said the main relay's points were pretty pitted, I told him to change that too. He changed the following: Fan motor and capacitor, start capacitor and relay, and the main relay ($677). The unit seemed to be working when he left. Within 20 minutes, to make a long story short, the Start capacitor blew out spewing its innards all over the electrical area and blew the circuit breaker. He returned, put the old start capacitor and relay back in but the main circuit breaker would then pop immediately. Diagnoses: bad compressor (under warranty) but labor an additional $750. My question, could the tech have hooked up something wrong causing the compressor to fail?