View Full Version : 220-240V 50hz

14-02-2009, 01:29 AM
A compresssor rated at 220-240V 50Hz how will the same operate connected to a 208V 60Hz service?

14-02-2009, 05:32 AM
It will run faster and draw more current.

14-02-2009, 07:33 AM
As you know the speed of the motor is 120*frequancy over the number of poles that is why it will run quit good

14-02-2009, 12:27 PM
hi there a 50hz rated motor will get very hot and burn out because it has less copper wire turns in the stator, however there are lots stators designed to run on both 50/60 hertz check the ticket on the stator it normally says on it.

14-02-2009, 04:31 PM
First of all it's 20 volts lower and secondly shouldnt the 60 hz create more inductive reactance and lower the current? You ever seen how small the steels on a 400 hz motor are?

14-02-2009, 04:40 PM
hopefully its not a inverter system,because the inverter pcb board will break dawn.
its not only the compressor but the complete electrical system you shoult watch.