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17-12-2008, 09:47 PM
Seeking help to know the principal and type of of Booster compressors in refrigeration system and their applications.

US Iceman
17-12-2008, 10:34 PM
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A booster compressor is similar to any other compressor in basic function. It compresses the refrigerant from a lower pressure up to a higher pressure.

When you hear the term booster compressor this means that compressor is part of a two-stage compression system (typically used for low temperatures). This is the simple version of what a booster compressor does: It pulls in low temperature, low pressure refrigerant and compresses the refrigerant up to a somewhat higher pressure. This pressure is usually called the intermediate pressure or interstage pressure.

At this intermediate pressure another compressor (called the high stage compressor) pulls the refrigerant from this interstage pressure and compresses the gas up to the condensing pressure (or discharge pressure).

A booster compressor can have capacity control similar to a high stage compressor. However, some boosters may not have any capacity control.

Some types of common industrial booster compressors are: screw, reciprocating, or rotary vane.

If you have some other questions related to this, feel free to post them in this thread you started.;)