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26-01-2004, 11:06 PM
Hi Chaps,

I am from the U.K and interested to know if anyone out there has
worked in Thailand as an Expat Refrigeration Engineer/Technician in the Supermarket game?

I would be interested to know of your experiences -
What company you worked for (maybe your still there), How you got the job, What is the work like etc -

Kind regards

27-01-2004, 09:36 AM
i don't know if it was you on fridgeman. com -i guess it probably is

if not go there and look up tesco lotus-

here is a cut from the thread...

Author: Teelak
Date: 01-22-04 23:42

Your not allowed to do hands on they use the local labour for that cause they're cheap. As an expat you can only work in Thailand as a consultant....thats the official line anyway. Mostly spend all your time on site during commisioning helping them out.
They only use big linde condensing units and scroll packs. If you go do work for Big C its mostly Hussmann gear in them. Hussman are based in KL malaysia.
Theres a company in Bangapi near Bangkok called ITT, Independant Thai Technology. They are always looking for English guys. They seem be under the impression that we know are stuff.
Good luck if you go for it the moneys not bad and the women are top form.