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24-06-2008, 01:00 PM
Can any one suggest which circulation is best

6:1 , 4:1 , 3:1 , 2:1

and why.


US Iceman
24-06-2008, 01:28 PM
There have been several discussions on this topic already in various posts. Have you done a search yet before we start to re-discuss the same topic again?

I believe the most current thread that discussed some of this was on the subject of top/bottom feed for plate evaporators.

28-06-2008, 02:26 AM
Ammonia is generally 2 or 3 to 1.


Alberrto Mayer
29-06-2008, 02:39 AM
It will depends of the application. Plate freezers requires highr recirculation rate, sometimes more than 6:1. Plate ice machines requires 2:1

02-07-2008, 05:08 AM
How to calculate the refrigerant flow for bottom feed ammonia evaporator.

What are the factors on which circulation rates are depends.


07-07-2008, 11:51 AM
Ask component manufacturer what makes the item work to their design. They have sold the item and possibly the system. So do not go to client saying that you can re-invent the wheel. Do not spectulate, the manufacturer knows or should know the circulation rate, infeed rate and evaporation at outlet figures.