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22-06-2008, 04:31 PM
Hi i'm Sam

Although i registered in 2006 i used the site very briefly.

I resigned from my job as a mobile maintenance/service engineer after three & a half years.
Personally i felt i was not progressing enough.I needed/wanted more servicing/repair work and not just continuous maintenance work for weeks on end.
Although being versatile,adaptable and willing to try complete most tasks.
I felt i was loosing my gained skills and confidence.
Previously i held a position as a maintenance engineer for a refrigeration company for 10 months until i got retrenched.
After college(NVQ LEVEL 2).worked for refrigeration company for 18 months,until company was bought over and some engineers like myself were retrenched.

Other qualifications:
South Africa-
My qualifications was accessed by UK NARIC and found to be between NVQ LEVEL 2/3
Subjects studied:(all until NTC 3 Level)
engineering science
engineering drawings
refrigeration trade theory
fitting and machining trade theory(fitter and turner)
industrial electronics(although i never used it and forgot most of the things!)

Environment worked in:
restaurants,hotels,industrial plants,office blocks,nuclear plant,workshop,cruise ship.
Most ot the equipment worked on were below 10 kwatts.
undercounter bar fridges,uprite fridge/freezers,prep-tables,walk-in fridges/freezers,scotsman/hoshizaki ice machines.
My fault-finding skills can be greatly improved.
Presently i am searching for any part-time work for the days WED.,THURS.,FRIDAY,SATURDAY/SUNDAY.It does not matter if you cannot employ me on all the days.What i want is to work in the industry at any level so i gain new skills,improve existing practise to become a better engineer.I feel it in me that i have the ability to be a quality engineer.There are few areas were i require to work on,for example improve my fault-finding skills,improve my understanding/working of the electrics with regards to refrigeration and a/c.

All offers would be considered.

Many thanks