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17-06-2008, 05:24 AM
I am looking for a manaul for a York Chiller, YCAL0087SC50. Spoke to our local agent but apparently they have become tight lipped as knowledge is power. Bit like Carrier! Have a fault coming up 'MP/HPCO' assume it means 'motor protection/high pressure', not sure what the CO means. This is for a distant client so I haven't seen it personally.


17-06-2008, 06:29 AM
I suspect there are enough engineers out there to resolve your dilemma. But we need a little more detail.
1 valuable method of narrowing fault diagnosis down is to:-
Enter the History menu and read the data therein!
ie High HP would show a high hp reading at the time of cut out. Whereas you would expect to see possibly a high Motor FLA. On a "Motor Current".
Many things can be ascertained from interrogating the system history.
For instance if the system runtime D.Hrs.Mins. & Seconds shows its pretty reasonable to discount a motor overload. But you might decide to
check that the motor is switching from "star" to "delta" etc.etc.
Thats assuming that the motor is star delta and not part wind.
The history buffer is very valuable in determining whats been happening and if you have the facility you can print of a hard copy.
Very USEFUL especially as York systems only record the last 3 or 6 events (faults).

The above is copied from an earlier post.
But the info is still relevant.
CO means cut out.
Tapped into the systems hp line are 2 HP cut outs.
1 with the button protruding and 1 with a sunken button.
Both need depressing to reset.
Cheers Grizzly

18-06-2008, 09:18 PM
You may also need to enter the options menu to reset the chiller, the motor protection is thermal overload on the relay and a klixon in the compressor body. in these northern climes high pressure cut out is a rarity:D

being honest the manuals for these are fairly basic, we learnt more from our "factory" training:o