View Full Version : Dry suction of one vessel into the wet of another!

14-05-2008, 05:05 PM
Howdy all,

I have a customer that has a 450 TR horizontal recirculator package(425 TR Connected) with its dry suction line piped into a 1,200 TR accumulator. The accumulator is located 30 feet above the recirculator. This accumulator has a transfer drum that transfers liquid out of the accumulator to the high pressure receiver below via gravity. The accumulator's dry suction line is piped to 5 compressors. The accumulator's wet suction line has four connections. They are:
1. The dry Suction of the 450 TR recirculator below.
2. The suction line from a flooded 125 TR shell & tube chiller.
3. The suction line from a flooded 300 TR shell & tube chiller.
4. the suction line from a flooded 280 TR plate frame chiller.

There is no liquid makeup to this vessel (Thank God!)Since all the compressors are connected to this vessel I must use their combined CFM rating to establish the speration velocity in this vessel.

By the way this accumulator is a horizontal vessel with a diameter of 6 feet and a length of 9 Feet.

The plant is operating at 28 psig suction and 125 psig discharge.

Where could I find the seperation velocity for this vessel if 3,749.8 CFM of compressor is hooked to it. This plant is trying to replace the two shell & tubes with a 700 TR Flooded plate and frame! I don't think it will work as this will have 1405 TR on the total system.

I would never pipe two vessels like this in series.