View Full Version : best training for job in spain?

29-04-2008, 12:54 PM
Hi to all on the forum!

I live in Spain currently, but I am returning to Scotland for 2 years as my other half is re-training as a Primary School teacher, we then plan to return to Spain/Southern Europe to live.

I wish to take the opportunity to re-train with the intention of getting work in the refridgeration/air conditioning sector. I am 36 years old & have no experiance relating to the trade, I have had a look at a few colleges, which all seem to suggest that I may struggle to get on a course, or that I 1st need to get a job & attend college block release.

I had hoped that perhaps some of you guys on here may be able to offer a bit of advice, on the best way to get started in the trade as a mature student, also is there a preferred system in Europe over what is taught in UK?

Thanks in advance, I've got a lot of post trawling to do - a lot of good stuff on here!