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18-04-2008, 12:31 PM
I've been following this a little bit for a for months, got bored today and spent more time on it. A lot of the forums I usually spend my time on are banding together enmass to fight injustice and corruption.
Are all the guy fawkes masks sold out in you neighbourhood?
Internet forum members are going all out in attacking scientology.
good analysis here

Brief video overview here

enturbalation is a forum dedicated to it

radar has an indepth article

somethingawful forums is where I heard about it.

This is a big deal, unorganised chaos from the internet launching global protests. Nothing has come close to technology being used to bypass official media before. The closest has been organised meetings being transmitted by mobile phone/sms in some asian countries.
Clay shirky has just released a book about technology having this power.
Interview here:
One old long time scientology protester, Mark Bunker, (the guy in the lemarnet video who basically told the people to stop illegal actions), even had his youtube account suspended and videos deleted, even though he did nothing wrong. Scientologist got youtube to shut him up before he released an interview.