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27-02-2008, 10:57 PM
Hi guys and girls!:D

I have one air-to water heat pump of 25kW (Galletti MCA025H0) whose brass safety valve 1/2" D10/CH from Nuova General Instruments
has released all refrigerant out (r 407C, no pressure inside).
Safety release pressure of 29 bar is stated at housing of valve. I checked high pressure switch with nitrogen and he acts at 28 bars as it is stated on him. But, safety release valve opens at 27 bar of pressure.
Factory sent me, as substitute safety valve, this valve
who has no manufacturer name on body. It only have 36 bar code on body.



Does anyone of you came across this substitute valve, and, is this valve suitable for task?
Does anyone knows who is manufacturing this valve and have link on his site.
I ask this because his size and bore for pressure release is few times smaller than original safety valve.
Actually his size is 3,2 cm long, 1,6 cm diameter and bore is 4 mm.

Does anyone have any experience with Nuova General Instruments valves and are they prone to failure.

Also what are you thinking about this raise in pressure for acting of pressure release valve from 29 to 36 bars and lowering of size of bore and relief rate. Is this of concern, and is that indication that manufacturer don't know what he is doing and just acting to salvage situation.

27-02-2008, 11:40 PM
Ask him for the technical documentation on the valve and also for a valve with a CE mark to comply with the regulations. (I don't know whether it has to comply but then again maybe he doesn't either. ;))

27-02-2008, 11:54 PM
If I have any willingness to ask them something, believe me, I would ask them long time ago. In fact, I asking them a lot of tings but it seems that their tehcnical department have big problem with language (English) and with ability to read report send by me. They are so messed up that, when I send them service report, they frequently ask me questions who are already addressed in report in manner that you ask your self "do they ever read that report".

28-02-2008, 12:27 AM
So banging head against a brick wall is the routine followed here then? ;)

28-02-2008, 12:37 AM
So banging head against a brick wall is the routine followed here then? ;)

Oh yes, with every contact with them, I ask myself, "when my civilized behavior is going to hit border" .