View Full Version : My Diplomat APM6528 keeps alarming

29-01-2008, 12:26 AM
The alarm on my built-in Diplomat APM6528 keeps alarming :-

1) The door seals are working fine.

2) There is no obstruction of air-flow underneath, behind or above the unit.

3) The freezer works and is not full of ice + the door shuts. Gets down to -20 degrees.

4) Ice forms and then melts on the rear inside plate, as it always has done.

5) Its currently set at 4 degrees and is operating at 4 degrees, though this does go up a bit to 6 or 8 degrees. But the alarm sounds at 4 degrees.

6) Its not over or under full

7) The meat chiller compartment is fitted and is switched on at the control panel. Gets down to 0 degrees.

8) Its 2 and bit years old, having replace the previous one which failed - can't remember why.

Could the sensor be faulty and is there any way of testing it.

This has been going on since early December. The fridge does still work and is useable. The control panel recently went through a phase of alarming and when reset, the temperature lights would just flash, along with the red alarm light. You were also unable to adjust the temperature. Now the control panel is back to normal. The alarm sounds every 20-30mins or so - press the button and it resets...

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05-02-2008, 09:26 PM
Hi.you will probably find that the controller is faulty.can you get into the parameters of the controller and adjust the alarm threshold?if not ,try currys technical it sounds stupid but they can be quite helpfull at times.:)