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17-01-2008, 04:33 PM
Dear all,
I googled this refrigerator. The only thing that I can get is the users' manual. Not much more detail info for the refrigeration components, such as cabinet, compressor, evaporator, refrigerant, capillary tube and filter drier.

Any data according to this type of refrigerator
would be appreciated.

Also I checked the back of the fridge.
There are some information about compressor:
230V, 50Hz,
Z25-26.(what does this mean?)
LRA: 0.4 (what does this mean? = start current)
LBP: R134a s (refrigerant)
From this, can we know how much is the start current and normal operating current for the compressor?


17-01-2008, 04:53 PM
I looked at all your posts, and noticed that you are asking questions, but without context so, I advise you, that you add some explanations to your questions.;)

17-01-2008, 05:42 PM
hi nike123,
Thanks for pointing out this.
I would like to know the detailed specifications of this particular refrigerator, as it is the one that I chose for the test for my report. I searched the internet, however, there is not any technical information.

for instance:
1)Cabinet: dimension, UA value, energy consumption per day,...
2)Evaporator: type, dimension, material, positioned, refrigerant line length, hydraulic diameter, UA value...
3)Condenser:type, dimension, internal volume, internal/external diameter, UA value;
4)Capillary tube: length, diameter, ...
5)filter drier: internal free volume...
6)compressor: type, charge volume, cooling capacity(ASHRAE condition), COP (ASHRAE condition),...

Any suggestions?

I am sure you guys are much more experienced than I am. As a newbie to this field, please forgive my basic and unprofessional questions. It goes better when I become more experienced.