View Full Version : daewoo fridge freezer

dave grant
16-04-2003, 12:29 AM
Hi,can anyone help,I have a daewoo f/f with pc board on top (self diegnostic) comes up as a D2 fault,but board has been checked and is ok the, only sensor i can find is in the freezer and the resistence checks out ok (as far as i can tell,as no one will tell you what it should be)is there any thing else i should be looking for.should have siad,the f/f,works ie,compresor runs ok and it cools down to -5 in freezer and +12 in fridge then gose off until the frige gose up to+18.this is my f/f not costomers.i normaly just do washing macines as thats my trade but i do do a lot of stat/relay work,also pub work,every thing exept regas and comp change.so if i can help anyone with any advice then just ask.

20-07-2010, 07:58 PM
Hi im having problems with my Daewoo fridge freezer. I was wondering if you any problems the same. Mine has the Circ board on the top. There is a alarm that keep beeping which is on the board, ive looked everywhere for any ideas as to what the beeping means im still no closer to finding it out.