View Full Version : Diplomat APM 6842 - Replacement

Gardener man
08-01-2008, 04:57 PM
This is the first time i've ever asked a question. I currently have a built in Diplomat APM 6842. I'm having trouble with the temperature of the fridge. I've read loads of articles on this site about what might be wrong with it but there seems to be one major problem.
One person stated that the Whirlpool APM 6842 replaces the Diplomat APM 6842, however, this model doesn't seem to exist. Another person stated that the Whirlpool ART 461 replaces it.
I'm looking to see which spare parts I need (mainly a new thermostat) but i'm struggling as the Diplomat model is old. On previous forums people have quoted thermostat serial numbers but these don't seem to search on the spare part web sites. Any ideas?