View Full Version : Sporlan Levelmaster retrofit?

13-12-2007, 01:53 PM
:cool:Does anyone know of a retrofit available for the Sporlan Levelmaster setup?
I have R/S float and Phillips float setups and would love to get away from the levelmasters that I have on about 10 of my evaps. They are all flooded evaps (silos)with a dry suction.

Thanks Ed

14-12-2007, 01:09 AM

This might work for you . We are now using the Danfoss pulse EXV valves on evaporators for freezer applications.
They work very well controlling variable capacity and working with very little superheat in the coil, thus getting better performance on a dx type operation

Send me a note and I will forward or get hold of H.A .PHillips in chicago they handle the product in the usa


14-12-2007, 01:38 PM
Hi Ed, I removed the Sporlan levelmaster that had been fitted on to a NH3 liquid receiver connected to an Wilevco Cryolator size 4.5 X 8, This was after we had to change 3 or 4 control heads in 2 years after the small wire's from the plate's would brake away from the card with the vibration in the system. We then tested a unit made by Bestobell Mobrey that looked the same and connected to the same control unit as the Sporlan used. In the end I fitted a R/S level float unit and it's still working 4 years on.