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David T
13-12-2007, 12:01 PM
Hi all
I'm new to the forum and would like advice regarding the use of a Refcomp 2 x screw compressor chiller in basement with variable slide valve cap control using R134a in a remote air cooled application with around 100m (of which 15m is vertical) pipework to air cooled condensers located on roof.

Iam concerned re the pipe design at low load and oil return.

Can anyone suggest an efficient oil seperator for use with screw comps I can install in comp discharge?

Can anyone suggest a good software programme for the pipesizing?

Any good selection tips for making sure any oil that gets past the seperator gets back to comps?

All comment appreciated

04-06-2010, 02:02 PM
Here's a bit of history and contacts if you need them.

RefComp and Thermokey form together the RTH group which is an independent group which has one owner who is the original founder Mr. Candio.
RefComp makes the very same screw and piston compressors at their factories both near Vicenza in Italy and in Shanghai in China while Thermokey makes many types of heat exchangers for Air Con, Refrigeration , Process Control, Close Control , Power and Energy and Solar Energy markets and manufactures in Italy , China and Brazil.

About 30 years ago Mr. Candio used to own Artec (heat exchangers) which he after sold to Alfa Laval. After RefComp was then founded and was a pioneering company with screw compressor technology specifically designed for HVAC and Refrigeration applications. During this past century Bitzer used to sell the large RefComp screw compressors through their sales network because back then they did not manufacture yet this kind of new screw compressor.
After Thermokey was then founded. Nowdays Thermokey is pioneering in large aluminium microhannel heat exchangers specifically designed for HVAC and Refrigeration applications

you can contact them at :