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  1. Refrigeration Calculations
  2. Medical Fridge - Made in China - Re-spec - R134a - R600a
  3. Help with chiller circuit pipework installation.
  4. Help with 1938 refrigerator
  5. Help - ice rink chiller
  6. Copeland semi compressor... rebuilt or not?
  7. What happens if NO NOZZLE is in a Evaporator????
  8. Variable drive versus two paralel compressors
  9. My First Chiller
  10. CIAT RZM 800 R22 Chiller
  11. cascad refrigeartin for [-100c]
  12. flowmeter for measuring R600a flow rate
  13. Can you measure the temp of a pipe, because i can not!
  14. HEPA Filter for low temp (-15C)
  15. carrier book
  16. R22 refrigerant line sizing
  17. Ranco Stat.
  18. Mitsi pipes problems
  19. R404A flooded evaporator TXV
  20. cooling load of corpse
  21. Reefer Sofware Updates
  22. Status of refrigerants?
  23. Bali Patio Cooler Project
  24. Gravity coil location???
  25. How to select frequency converter to control a domestic refrigerator compressor
  26. Clive Hurley Cascade
  27. Have you mixed calcium chloride brine and gotten a head of foam?
  28. NRS Beer Master cellar chiller BMC 22-200
  29. Evaporative Condensers
  30. dont know if this is the right place but
  31. The Burn out and the guy who don't care!
  32. hotpoint ff200eg HELP
  33. Carlyle 06nw screw clearance
  34. Need a miniature refrigeration unit
  35. Mitsi adress problems
  36. Helical Oil Separator replaced by a conventional oil separator
  37. which coolant type and method ??!
  38. Vacuum pump oil
  39. A first for me !!
  40. ASHRAE 15 and California Mechanical Code
  41. King valve
  42. Identifying R404A
  43. Help need to calculate heat Lo.....
  44. calculation items
  45. What compressor type/brand can I use to replace a Unite Hermitique AEZ2415Z
  46. substituting a compressor
  47. Old Kelvinator domestic fridge rebuild. Looking for suggestions.
  48. Need help designing a Soda Cart.
  49. Fan blade/motor size guide?
  50. carrier hs090 air cooled chiller
  51. 80F possible in reefer container? Amp draw on 220V ?
  52. Split Chiller - condenser below compressor/evaporator
  53. Selection of a Fresh Air Unit
  54. Heat Pump on roof runing a Commercial Walk in Cooler?
  55. Design temperature
  56. Heat Pump defrost trigger
  57. Guidance required
  58. Student Project - Organic Rankine Cycle
  59. Help reqired Please.
  60. Influecen of fresh air in ac
  61. Chiller for RO unit
  62. Ranco DFS-S2240-50F manual
  63. Use of Nylog sealant.
  64. cooling capacity calculation.
  65. cooling/heating load calcultion Software for ships
  66. stuck! please help
  67. Short cycling Comp/solonoid
  68. Ahu cooling coil row calculation
  69. Adding oil to trane compressor help
  70. Adhesive Thermal Mastic
  71. City Multi Fan Board overcurrent
  72. Maggot's life cycle
  73. P&id
  74. INCREASE COP of 18 % - need expertise
  75. R22 versus R404A hot gas pipe
  76. Compressor cutting out
  77. Crushed evaporator tubes caused by pulling a vacuum.
  78. Ranco thermostat k14 p0152
  79. Pre Lube on Carrier 30GX
  80. Need help with HOT fridge
  81. Need helps?
  82. Default Password of iCom control 3digit display
  83. VRV/VRF help.
  84. Can a refrigerator be used when off or will it mildew and mold
  85. Mcquay Cond press high alarm
  86. Can i by-pass a relay on the common wire to the compressor ?
  87. Liebert HP
  88. probe calibration
  89. R410a independent view
  90. Floorless versus Floored walk ins ??...
  91. dunhambush oil
  92. g&c 6187
  93. Exhaust Fan Calculation for a Generator
  94. Delta T for chiller, AHU & district cooling systems
  95. CVHF help
  96. how many btus in a candle?
  97. Chiller valve package assembly
  98. desuperheater design
  99. confusion about seperate 2 stage
  100. Expansion valve equivalent
  101. how can we duplicate Chinise powerless freezing technology?
  102. Bock compressor ratings
  103. Air Handling Unit Design help please?
  104. Copeland contact
  105. Increasing Condenser/Unit Capacity Advice
  106. vav and balancing
  107. Heat Pump Boilers and BPHEs with variable water flow
  108. Heatpump drier failures...
  109. Advise on Defrost Timer
  110. chilled beer fridge and fermentation cabinet
  111. Heat load by frost formation
  112. Is it possibel to have room pressurized with no fresh air intake?
  113. Can a regular chest freezer be modified for -40C operation?
  114. Ndt testing for a nh3 refrigeration plant
  115. Water cooled condenser higher than open type cooling tower issue
  116. Digital pack
  117. Leeson VFDs
  118. MANUAL VFDs
  119. Solar Heated Absorption Chillers
  120. Compressor overload on mcquay screw R134 heat pump
  121. Turbocor tear down
  122. DIY Recirculating Cooler to Cool a Vapor Condenser in a distillation process
  123. Flooded Evaporator Oil Return
  124. Practical H2O hoses or pipes for 4x30LPM (4x8GPM) flow rate
  125. Refrigeration system flooded with salt water...
  126. HVAC&R Expo in August of China 2013
  127. Dry Cooler Sizing 500kW - what options do I have?
  128. Ammonia Chiller Explosion
  129. Bitzer Screw Unloaders
  130. PU Panel connection for Refrigeration
  131. Amp draw for compressr motor running evap at different temps.
  132. Scroll Compressors allergic to refrigerant liquid flood back - are they?
  133. bitzer screw compressor fault
  134. Condenser fan queries
  135. How to Measure Air Infiltration
  136. Expansion Valve Damping Effect!!!
  137. New cooling plant
  138. Cool room + freezer installation
  139. small size Organic Rankine Cycle (<10KW) design
  140. Current issue
  141. Screw Compressor Eco & Liquid Injection ?
  142. New to Reefer Containers. Need help with basic info
  143. TEV superheat!!!!
  144. R22 v r410a
  145. Dry Cooler Fouling / Water Treatment (copper tubes)
  146. Pre-casted Concrete pad question
  147. Piping coupling
  148. Trying to find A TEV
  149. Needed sincere advice....
  150. Tandem Compressors
  151. Carlyle Compressor Compressor Frozen
  152. compressor seizure help
  153. Shopping list
  154. Pressure Relief Valve Design and Selection
  155. Big Temperature Drop
  156. Insulated Panels Expansion and Contraction!
  157. Coni Technic door latch emergency!!!!
  158. screw compressor selection
  159. R 407f
  160. Calculating condensing unit heat of rejection
  161. Ventilation in a cold room
  162. Window A/C Compressor in Refrigerator
  163. The DIY installer
  164. ammonia or R404a
  165. Daikin FTXE258VMA with U4 fault code
  166. Unisab ii request
  167. Haier HUM12HA03/R2(DB)
  168. McQuay oil return problems with flooded evaporator
  169. Actual cop
  170. necessary to use VFDs with chiller along with VFDs for pumps?
  171. what is sequencer (sequencing) of chillers?
  172. Can an absorbtion refrigeration system reclaim condenser heat?
  173. Trane made in Egypt
  174. An important issue of "Refrigeration Discharge Pressure"
  175. Setting of split air-conditioner thermostat to 20 degree celcius
  176. Low Temp Skid on Med Temp Cooler,,, Mechanic going bald!!
  177. Blower selection for cold room
  178. Properties of dry red chilli
  179. seeking advice regarding an evaporator coil change out..
  180. Precision Brazing and Cutting Gas
  181. Goodman quality ??
  182. chiller bluebox exceed the setpoint temperature of hot water
  183. Scroll digital technology!!!
  184. Magnum with MP3000 Motherboard
  185. Copper spun dryers maximum temperature?
  186. capillary tube even lenght
  187. Alternatives to re-brazing a Copper to Copper Joint.
  188. calculation
  189. Kitchen exhaust hood for single family dwelling
  190. Need help
  191. Frigidaire 5-39
  192. National CS-C12BKNG modification
  193. Major differences between R22 and R410 kompressors
  194. Industrial Cold Storage Installation
  195. oil foaming&capacity regulation
  196. Effect of oversized liquid line
  197. Capacity Control of Chilled Wate Plant
  198. Oil carryover
  199. New heat pump Daikin EKHBRD016ACV1 , AE error, external pump
  200. Design of ammonia vapour absorption refrigeration
  201. Trane twin centrifugal chillers
  202. Using outdoor unit as heat recovery
  203. EN378-2008 Refrigerant Practical Limits In Plantrooms
  204. Waste Heat Recovery from Ammonia chiller condenser (ICE PLANT)
  205. Walkin Chiller pipe line Connection
  206. Changing Multiple Orifice/Capillary into TXV - LG Package Unit
  207. HELP! Fijutsu ASYA30LCC
  208. Freezer room containers
  209. Oversized condensing unit on a R22 TX Valve evaporator chiller
  210. PUE Calculations
  211. carrier chiller
  212. Ref. Calculation Program
  213. Cold Room Lighting requirements
  214. Small Arena Install (Screw or Recip?)
  215. ice accumulator
  216. Neslab Merlin Chiller M33 problem after changing pump
  217. Winery glycol Chiller for tiny winery
  218. Suction and Discharge Valve plates for Bitzer 2 stage semi hermatic recip. comp
  219. Freezer / Refrigerator piping
  220. Pipe fittings and Valve DWG's
  221. Screw compressor discharge temperture ...
  222. screw compressor application limits
  223. Most efficient water temperatures for Daikin EKHBRD016ACV1 heat pump?
  224. pressure loss
  225. Low, Medium or High back pressure compressor?
  226. Refrigerator placed in a window....??
  227. is it a creative idea or a dumb ?
  228. Sizing liquid line, Ashrae
  229. Plunge pool heat exchanger
  230. Water collecting under salad draw
  231. Heat loss in water pipe
  232. Refrigerant quantity&capacity relation
  233. Turbocor compressors for HVAC only?
  234. system imbalance
  235. HELP Daikin twin split r410. L5 fault
  236. Refrigerated desk surface
  237. Daikin vrv2
  238. Refrigerant Recovery Question?
  239. HVAC Duct Material Take off
  240. Screw compressor
  241. Mollier diagrams
  242. Li Br Absorption Chillers
  243. Stulz cosmotec pump alarm
  244. chiller tube clean process
  245. Wheat Silo
  246. Ice Rink
  247. Refrigerant Recovery
  248. Superheat in McQuay chiller (DX System)
  249. multple units
  250. High Pressure on relief valve