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  1. Ok another stupid question
  2. Duct losses determination
  3. Can I increase the freezing performance with any modifications?
  4. Milk processing
  5. rule of thumb plant sizing
  6. Identification frost formation
  7. Engineering questions
  8. Black out system
  9. Superheat on a freezer running on R-404
  10. AIRAH DA9 Heat Load Calc
  11. Minimal flow requirement for a domestic heat pump
  12. Causes of pressure release valve activating
  13. R404a water cooled condensing unit with 8oC cooling water
  14. Freezer 'Total suction line superheat'
  15. Coil freezing with 5 degree c suction?
  16. Cool Room Evap Icing Up
  17. isoenthalpic vs isoentropy refrigeration process ?
  18. Need Help In vapor absorption Refrigeration
  19. Pressure relief valve selection
  20. Charging of the system through the low side.
  21. practical way of removing air in system
  22. Chillers Cost Savings
  23. Refrigerant reclaim
  24. Changing both controller and inverter PCB assemblies
  25. Need some advice on engineering project
  26. Coldroom conversion r22 to r404a
  27. T.D Delta T
  28. Air Conditioning in a hot climate
  29. Reach in Cooler Design Review
  30. Hotgas reheat- modulating or not
  31. Oil in Liquid sight glass
  32. Working out energy consumption
  33. using a TXV as a control valve for cooling water or air
  34. heat load calculation in an enclosure
  35. Cooling Load
  36. Unit Cooler Ice Up
  37. coldroom software and its related books.
  38. Re:LP pressure switch
  39. Cold Store Floor Temperature
  40. How much liquid?
  41. Glide/Superheat
  42. heat transfer coefficient for a vehicle
  43. flow rates, temperature and pressure - valves questions
  44. help needed in AC r22 gas refilling , confused with units
  45. Homemade liquid nitrogen generator
  46. simple stuff
  47. clarification
  48. Is there a way to work out operating pressure?
  49. Clarification
  50. Query
  51. Ask help
  52. Compressorless
  53. Altering a Multideck's system
  54. COP cooling and heating
  55. Multiple air-cooled condensers with condenser-less Chiller
  56. pressure temperature chart
  57. Compressor Burn Out Help
  58. overall heat transfer coefficient for sphere based heat exchanger
  59. Gauge manifold question - High side gauge flickering?
  60. Manufacturers of Environmental test chambers
  61. saving energy on coldroom
  62. Compressor housing, low side, or high side and why?
  63. Parasite called Sarah
  64. display chiller not getting cold enough
  65. Consultancy?
  66. Need help with SO2 fumigation
  67. Another coldroom...
  68. Pressure Enthalpy
  69. LG Multi Split MU5M40
  70. Way to Determine if a TXV is Present?..
  71. Scrolll running backwards
  72. Thermostatic expansion valve orifice size for variable loiads
  73. What to choose
  74. Thermostat cut in and cut out
  75. Hi****ube material
  76. Newbie Question: QL vs. QH efficiency
  77. Need help with Superheat
  78. Cooling cooking oil, how many power needed?
  79. Saturation and other help
  80. low ambient condenser operation
  81. question in coolpack
  82. TXV location question
  83. Non-condensable's and Sight Glass Bubbles
  84. forced air VS natural air(cold wall) refrigerator?
  85. Density oil York L
  86. Help with Transition Pressure Loss Calculation
  87. fundamentals vs fundamental belief
  88. chiller on/off temps
  89. Adding oil to compressor
  90. Variable ratio in screw compressor
  91. Using cooling tower BAC in hard winter
  92. Heat Pump problem. How can I solve this? What are the steps ?
  93. Variable Amperage And Cold Liquid line
  94. Supply Temperature in an AHU
  95. York YCIV0590 high pressure cut out
  96. p-h &t-s chart
  97. Clarification about reversing valves
  98. Condenser water inlet & outlet temperature
  99. Freezer and Chiller running of 1 condensing unit.
  100. Load Calculation
  101. Temperature Gained?
  102. VRF/VRV exact compressor motor and power type
  103. Procedure to design a cooling chamber
  104. Balancing Valve
  105. Multi fit fan motor noise problem
  106. Hot Gas Reheat
  107. -90C Cold room?
  108. 30C to 20C in one hour?
  109. R410A Piping Distribution System - Pressure Test rating
  110. refrigerant mass inventory
  111. Sporlan LAC-10 with remote bulb. Where to install the bulb?
  112. Strongest filler metal?
  113. r22 to 13a
  114. carrier condenser fan motor
  115. Will Reclaiming mix of Nitrogen Break Re-claimer
  116. Compressor start in vacum. What is happened?
  117. Coefficient of performance
  118. Energy Saving - Commercial fridge
  119. need help for brazing HVAC lines
  120. Help Picking Cost Effective Propane Refrigeration Compressor
  121. How cold will it get?
  122. Slow leak testing
  123. ice machine uneven ice on evap.
  124. TXV Equalization line with flared connection
  125. Algorythm
  126. Eurofrigo C2500XTS with the Microstat (controller). Error AL6.
  127. Use of FRP Insulated Underground Storage Tanks for Off Peak Chilled Water Storage
  128. Calculation of Refrigeration capacity
  129. determining coil static pressure
  130. holding lectures, any ideas?
  131. Help!!! How Do I Convert OFN from Litres into Kilograms?
  132. Compressor question
  133. Re: Compressor question 2
  134. Refrigerant pressure in an idle unit? (compressor not running)
  135. R410A in a R404A Compressor
  136. Ejectors
  137. -40F mod for small freezer?
  138. Wiring a Embraco Compressor
  139. DIY Compressor Wine Cooler Help (Newbie)
  140. Horizontal Evaporators
  141. Effect brazing steel-copper with R-600 application
  142. Sub cooling from a condenser
  143. ite refrigeration scale calibration
  144. Designing a Condenser
  145. Fitting drier to receiver
  146. Circuits - general rules
  147. Physique have changed!!
  148. HITACHI compressor oil
  149. Thermosyphon
  150. DIY - Refrigerant Recovery Machine - help needed
  151. R12 vs R22
  152. What is cooling capacity in Fg/h
  153. DE superheater /Heat pump in the chiller
  154. Chemical wash on condenser of chilleers
  155. OFN bottles
  156. Unable to comprehend graph of aqueous lithium bromide vapour pressure
  157. Pressure Balancing in TXV
  158. Parallel use of Centrifugal fans in HVAC
  159. How can my system do what I need??
  160. Buffer tank
  161. Ambguity in Refrigeration tonnage of Chiller
  162. Refrigerant pumps
  163. How to determine the correct air over an evaporator coil
  164. Superheat
  165. Refrigeration system calculations
  166. removing oil from a system
  167. Looking for Smallest 12V DC compressor. For a mobile refridgerator
  168. Are Aspen Compressors any good
  169. R410a condensing temperature
  170. Calculationwith Evaporation Temp and A consumption
  171. Charging gas with recovery station ?
  172. 3/16" and 1/4" tubing pressure drop tables
  173. Single stage -40 C
  174. Need a few thoughts on the desired suction pressure/temp on salt water brine system..
  175. Pressure ratio vs compressor input
  176. Cleaning of Ammonia system after installation
  177. Reducing diameter of rising suction pipe for oil return
  178. system without refrigerant
  179. Refrigeration
  180. VSD's and their Drive Belts.
  181. Winter - Low Head Pressure
  182. Brazing technique
  183. Taking care of condensation in DIY Wine Cooler
  184. Request Help
  185. compressor built for 50 hertz when operated at 60 hertz.
  186. Minimum normal suction pressure for R134a chiller
  187. Frost Heave Prevention and Floor Insulation in Cold Rooms
  188. 3GS vs r134 in a noisy car ac compressor
  189. How to test a stored "pumped down" condensing unit.
  190. Power factor for 220 single phase Copeland compressor sealed
  191. Ammonia
  192. Defrost calculation
  193. Grasso 2 stage package
  194. Placement of blowers
  195. Condensation on glass door showcase
  196. Low back pressure compressor (LBP) in high back pressure system (HBP)
  197. Flower cooler
  198. Copeland EVI (Enhanced vapour injection)
  199. Danfoss BD35 with a TXV/TEV ?
  200. Discharge pressure lower limit
  201. Booster compressor Relief valve
  202. Some technical questions
  203. Calculation on chillers
  204. Leak detection on a tiny system
  205. Will this work?
  206. Hey guys, how does a blast chiller work compared to a fridge?
  207. Design temperatures in a cascade NH3/CO2 system
  208. Compressor cooling capacity
  209. Cooling Tower CFM Per Ton
  210. Is it possible to build a custom blast chiller without beeing a professional?
  211. absorption cycle with low generator temperature ?
  212. Volume of chiller liquid receiver
  213. charging small commercial systems
  214. Correct Levels on Gauge
  215. Vertical Freezer.
  216. Defrost drain line (& heater)
  217. Blast Chill
  218. Pressure Temperature and working pressures.
  219. subcooling value and condensing split temperatures
  220. looking for help with the design of a fun project (camper AC)
  221. Design thoughts for a temperature/humidity controlled test chamber.
  222. Superheat and subcooling.
  223. Solenoid Valve on suction side of Evoperator
  224. Concentrated Juice Cooling
  225. Non-constant refrigerant feeding in the liquid line
  226. Liquid line drier sizing
  227. Heat load calculation
  228. Refrigeration nameplate tonnage capacity vs actual KW drawn
  229. Liquid receiver volume .vs coils/heat exchangers volume
  230. prohibit direct eductor to drain, Ammonia pumping out
  231. Carters Widget?
  232. York 2-pass Chiller Surging
  233. Liquid Sensor on Accumalator
  234. m=V/v
  235. Designing Accumaltor
  236. Refrigeration Unit R714 Experiment
  237. Energy balance in evaporator. Thermal load and heat transfer rate
  238. co-current flow in a DX-evaporator
  239. Refrigerant Recovery R404a
  240. Keeping Spam and Spammers off the forum.
  241. line size
  242. Refrigeration Principles
  243. effect of high subcooling adiabatic process (flash gas effects.)
  244. Refrigeration unit from China - Cold plate for ice cream rolls: keeps leaking
  245. Chiller Evaporating Temperature
  246. Electronic flow switch carrier 30XA Chiller
  247. No Pressure drop in condenser
  248. Sight Glass above and parallel to liquid line?
  249. How often would you change the compressor oil for a air cooled chiller?
  250. Thermostat deadband