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  1. How much compressor power needed?
  2. 0-10v temp
  3. LL Sight Glass Mounting
  4. oversizing/multicycling
  5. Choking Suction Port
  6. help with refrigeration course work questins (new to the industry)
  7. Condensation levels on Air source heat pump
  8. head pressure controls
  9. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
  10. evaporative airconditioner
  11. Vi Ratio screw compressors
  12. Refrigeration Terminology
  13. control humidity
  14. Single Evap Hot Gas Defrosting.
  15. Specific heat capacity of Wine
  16. Cold Room Infiltration by Air Exchange
  17. Condenser Wall
  18. frost top or cold stone - drawing or picture
  19. Water Cooler
  20. Sizing finn and tube evaporator
  21. vapour compression cycle
  22. Superheat horn
  23. Electrical help needed
  24. Is the answer 6K or 2K?
  25. new to f gas and confused about heating up just to cool back down
  26. Reliability Ensurance Checklist
  27. expansion valve pressure drop
  28. Max compressor dome temp
  29. C02 pipe wall thickness
  30. A NOOBIE on the loose!
  31. Vacuuming in foggy and cold weather
  32. Compressor current draw
  33. compressor chanaging
  34. Capillary Connectors
  35. HELP... finding replacement Dixell fridge controller for Infrico NZS20
  36. Heat Pump Query
  37. Exspansion Valves,
  38. tips
  39. scroll compressor tips
  40. Understanding the trade-off between compressor work and condenser work
  41. How to set up a E.P.R....Evaporator pressure regulator
  42. Symbols of Refrigeration
  43. qwestion about entalphy in compressors
  44. Charging a system correctly
  45. Climatic design information?
  46. High side float valve and night-time operation
  47. Rubber in the system
  48. Daikin chiller trouble
  49. Air Flow Measurement Q
  50. frosting at expansion valve.
  51. Rules of Thumb?
  52. How does cooling time (pull down time) relate to Q evaporator?
  53. mass flow rate controls the system?
  54. Reg: Mass flow rate of compressor @ different ambient
  55. How long can a compressor run?
  56. Vac pump powered by an air compressor
  57. How to determine cooling capacty
  58. POE best "O" ring material
  59. Oil return / refrigerant velocity in brazed plate evaporator?
  60. Immersion-cooled condenser design
  61. Leak testing
  62. High pressure at the pump for a chilled water system
  63. Help making sense of measurements
  64. Minimum pressure to a txv
  65. Home made Air Conditioner
  66. Refrigerant / oil seperation in low velocity flow - suction accumulator
  67. Help needed with coolroom evaporator diagnosis please.
  68. Compressor capacity estimation
  69. Is solid CO2 (below 5.2B.Abs) expanding?
  70. Overcharging of Refrigerant
  71. How do air conditioning systems typically control?
  72. Calculation to compare compressor with panels
  73. How to monitor/evaluate refrigerant quantity running in the cycle?
  74. Air cooled condenser design
  75. Happy new year!
  76. Fundamentals...Very Important Thing to Say....
  77. principals of air con
  78. Chilled water Expansion tank sizing
  79. Plate Heat Exchanger?
  80. Klixon hell
  81. Heat transfer prediction for condensation inside a tube
  82. CSC'C Pal
  83. Burn out dryer on small freezer cabinet
  84. Basic question
  85. Small Display Chiller
  86. what determines the pressure in the evaporator
  87. Refrigeration Pipework Query
  88. Al Suction pipe
  89. Vacuum fitting recomendations
  90. Liquid receiver on a reverse cycle VRV system
  91. How to calculate condensing unit and cooling coil?
  92. TDSH vs TDSB
  93. oil pressure low
  94. Use of fridge compressors as vacuum/pressure air pumps - I'm new to all this!
  95. Effect of Suction Super heat in flooded evaporator using Ammonia
  96. Solder plate for evaporator
  97. Fgas 2079 how would you remove a gauge manifold...
  98. charge and condensing pressure
  99. Finishing refrigerant recovery
  100. leak in ammonia plant
  101. Possible ways to condense steam at 0.7 bar, 60 deg Celsius
  102. Vapour Compression system for R404a
  103. When does a Chiller?
  104. Availability?
  105. Suggestions on how to make my custom refrigerator?
  106. Filler help
  107. With or without external equalizer
  108. Need help with basic System design .
  109. Maximum allowed pressure drop in discharge line
  110. Problem with cold room
  111. Help guys freezer room conversion to -1 cold room.....
  112. World Voltage & Climatic Conditions Tables
  113. part load in evaporator and condenser
  114. Tri-Pac
  115. How much gas should this system take?
  116. Pimp my Husky Part 2
  117. r22/r404a tev
  118. dixell controller
  119. Evaporator Design
  120. Food Thermal Properties and Cooling time
  121. Wet Bulb and Dry Bulb Data
  122. equation for correct evap and cond pressures
  123. cold store evaporator
  124. Expansion process and enthalpy...
  125. Don't understand our new Daikin ducted Reverse-cycle system ... please help!
  126. Latent heat.
  127. ABCs of Screw compressors and refrigeration
  128. Chinese copper tube
  129. Endocube Hoodwink or Science
  130. Thermagel
  131. Topre Cold Top Manuals & Spares Catalogue
  132. Custom Controls
  133. Pipe sizing & Pressure drop
  134. elevation pressure loss for refrigerant lines
  135. Need to design new coldroom complete rip out and new everything i never done it???
  136. EU ambient temperature classification?
  137. Updating R12 to 134a
  138. Cooling water in a tank....
  139. Re; maggot room evaporator
  140. Chilled Water Design Engineer problem
  141. Charging a Absorption Fridge.
  142. Freon leak in 110ton unit chiller barrel
  143. ac leaks because of acıds
  144. Does a vacuum pump actually create negative pressure?
  145. Sensible Heat Factor
  146. Using Oxygen and Acetylene Cylinders
  147. A few questions reguarding component selection.
  148. Evaporator rating
  149. Testing Setup
  150. 2 question
  151. Temperature after metering device
  152. Question on non-condensables in ammonia
  153. Volume Flow Rates
  154. is this big enough to read
  155. pump on return piping
  156. Temprite and oil return.
  157. Carrier 30sz-027-901v-ee
  158. Embraco compressor help needed. EGY 90 HLP
  159. Thread size
  160. ammonia system pump down or not?
  161. R22 condensing unit Automatic Pumpdown
  162. ref question
  163. Pressure Kick
  164. pipe blockage
  165. filter dryer changing?
  166. Chilled water pumps
  167. starnge device
  168. charging problem
  169. how to know the size of compressor
  170. compressor oil
  171. compressor oil quantity
  172. compressor capacity
  173. Refrigerant identify
  174. Latent heat for dates
  175. Part load conditions
  176. Paint - Jacket cooling
  177. Esp???
  178. Refrigerant pressures
  179. Tobacco Storage
  180. CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration Plant
  181. Calculating Pressure Drop on Copper Tube Cooling Coil
  182. superheat on residential systems
  183. Measuring line temperatures Methods
  184. Clearity about AIR CHANGE in AIR CONDITIONING
  185. VSD for chiller at high lift conditions
  186. vacuum cooler's malfunction
  187. service switch
  188. Veg/Meat Preperation Rooms Cooling Load
  189. Carpigiani manuals
  190. TEWI Calculations
  191. carrier 5h46 & daikin 8hc752L B
  192. 4 ton split unit ac problem
  193. how to properly charging system
  194. HP switch malfunctioning
  195. TEV movement "A cunning plan"
  196. freeze point of chiller barrel ?
  197. Help requiredfor Selecting TXV ?
  198. using 2 vacuum pumps
  199. Charge question
  200. Non Condensable Gas Concentration In Liquid Refrigerants
  201. LG ac charging problem
  202. COP on York YCAS
  203. Glycol Evaporation
  204. Ice on evaporator
  205. Allowable pressure drop in MCHX condenser for R 410A refrigerant system
  206. Unit with suction accumulator and witout oil separator
  207. Slide Valve Operation
  208. Cold conductive solution (adhesive/sealant/double-sided tape)
  209. Domestic Refrigeration R600a Question
  210. Suction Pressure setting in respect of Evaporator temprature
  211. changing r410 compressor to r22
  212. How to calculate the compressor power for this?
  213. R12 system charge with R134a filled TXV in MVAC... what would happen?
  214. Heat Release from a human body
  215. Tx valve equalizer freezing
  216. Cooling down zinc die casted items
  217. r410 low ref effect
  218. Low suction temp vs. increased heat reject by condenser
  219. I`ll buy carpigiani tech manual
  220. Compressor calculations
  221. Locomotive Boiler
  222. Measuring superheat with no access at evap
  223. Retrofitting from R22 to R404a
  224. Chilled water problem
  225. Help fitting Hitachi Horizontal Scroll ZS7516S1
  226. Advice needed for condenser repair
  227. Air cooled condenser
  228. COP and Superheat - does is it help?
  229. RefLock?
  230. old refrigerator system,,
  231. Cooling in room using ice block
  232. Need advice on designing an ice merchandiser for bagged ice storage
  233. Glycol systems?
  234. Old open type compressor in Australia
  235. Lubricant
  236. Thumb Rule for Refrigeration
  237. Oil charging
  238. Cold store
  239. Trainee - r404 boiling point
  240. Condensate traps for hot gas defrost blowers
  241. How to decide the economizer position for a centrifugal chiller!!!?
  242. Question regarding oils and gauges
  243. confused?????
  244. Cold Storage Consultants in China
  245. Chilled water Pump
  246. cold store formula...
  247. Differential Vs. offset
  248. York Chiller Capacity
  249. i want to increase the length of liquid line in a fridge circuit but not the suction.
  250. Corrosion on Cooling Coil